Featured Rat – Goose

Meet Goose, who was rescued by our friends in Ireland. Goose just recently passed away on 5 August 2015 at the age of nearly 4 years old. He will be missed.

Make a Digging Box!

Rat Food – Cauliflower Broccoli Stir Fry

Here is a recipe I made for my three rats and myself. It is vegan/vegetarian and is rat-approved! Mrs. Rita Rat is shown enjoying her meal. I feed my rats Oxbow Regal Rat and supplement with fresh fruits/veggies daily.

Foster Mom Stories, Part 1

“They understand. They care. They feel.”

Watch Lee Anne’s experience as a foster mom for the Rat Retreat:

Interview with Foster Mom Lee Anne


Good Night Irene

Irene came to live with us on 1/15/12. We had picked up Bernadette from an adopter who wasn’t caring for her properly and we took her cagemate, Irene, too. Irene had been purchased from Petco and was terribly shy and afraid. She could not stand to be picked up for four months. She didn’t bite, but she trembled and frantically escaped from being touched. Within four months of socializing, she reluctantly allowed herself to be picked up, but happily enjoyed petting on her head. She had beautiful, wide eyes and volunteers said she listened when they talked to her.

She had especially soft fur. When she took medicine, she sat on our shoulders and rubbed her little cheek against ours every few bites. She was not ladylike in taking treats though! She grabbed the food as if she was being starved. She lived with Bernadette when she first came, then was nonchalant in being introduced to a cage of boys.

Later when Buddy came, Irene and Bernadette moved in with him. Irene adored Buddy to the point of trying to get as fat as he was. She gained about .5 pounds while the big guy lived, then lost it after he died.  Their next roommates were Sammy and Matilda when Bernadette died. Sammy fell instantly in love with Irene and they were inseparable. When Sammy passed, she and Matilda lived peacefully together, usually snuggled in the top shelf.

Irene developed hind leg degeneration about six months before she died. Liquid B vitamin supplement enabled her to keep walking and climbing the four levels of her cage.

Irene was spayed within a couple of weeks of her arrival, but did not need another surgery until two years later, when she developed a tumor. Donors funding her tumor removal gave her an extra month. While she was recovering, Matilda took care of her, staying curled protectively around her to keep her safe and warm.

She never liked being held until Diana Greene came along as a pre-vet volunteer. Irene would sit in Diana’s lap and allow her to massage her for as long as she wanted. She never looked as peaceful as she did then.

She was found lying on her side, only her body left behind, on the morning of 1/28/14. She was estimated to be close to three years old. She lived a good life here….two years of safety, warmth, good food and companionship.  Those of us who loved to look into her beautiful eyes will miss her so much as will those of us who felt her soft face against ours and were allowed to rub that sweet body as we cared for her.

Matilda groomed her face one last time before I took her away. Then went to the spot where she died and smelled where she had been.

Good night, Irene. Good night, Irene. We’ll see you in our dreams.